Bipolar Disorder Study Participants Needed San Diego

(Outpatient/Inpatient Depression & Mania)

Eligibility Criteria:

To pre-qualify, you must be between the ages of: 18-65

A brief description of the study
Length: 10 weeks – 1 year
Visits: 9-32

Synergy Research Centers in Lemon Grove offers clinical research studies for those with Bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder affects around 5.7 million adults in the United States with the median age of onset being 25 years of age. An equal number of men and women can develop Bipolar disorder, although women tend to have more rapid cycling of mood changes.

What is the Clinical Definition of Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a chronic mental illness in which the individual experiences recurrent episodes of mania and depression. These episodes can last as long as months and be as short as an hour depending on each unique case. This mental illness cycles through unusual and dramatic shifts in moods impairing the ability to think clearly.

What to Expect from a Bipolar Disorder Clinical Research Trial?

First, you must qualify for the study. A short interview will be conducted with Synergy Research Centers to determine if you meet the criteria for the clinical research trial. If you qualify, you will be asked to come in to our Synergy Research Centers facility in Lemon Grove. Once you arrive, you will be briefed on what the study will consist of and what to expect.

How Long Does a Bipolar Disorder Treatment Study Last?

The Bipolar disorder clinical research study at Synergy Research Centers will last approximately 8 weeks. Over that 8 week span, you will be required to visit our facility a total of 9 times. After the 8 weeks and 9 visits to Synergy, the research trial will be complete.

What are the Benefits of a Clinical Research Trial for Bipolar Disorder?

The most important benefit of participating in a research trial is access to cutting-edge medication and treatment. Research trials test out the latest and greatest treatments for bipolar disorder, and a research study is an opportunity to find a treatment that can help curb symptoms of bipolar disorder. Another benefit is that some trials, although not all, offer cash compensation for participating. This likely would include covering travel expenses, as well as additional compensation. Finally, by participating in bipolar disorder treatment you are helping to advance science and research in the field, helping not only yourself but everyone with bipolar disorder as well.

Contact Synergy Research Centers to Participate in a Bipolar Disorder Study

If you are interested in discovering new treatments for bipolar disorder in San Diego, contact Synergy Research Centers today. We offer the best treatments for bipolar disorder during our clinical research trials and are currently looking for qualified participants. If you or someone you know suffers from bipolar disorder, contact Synergy Research Centers for free bipolar disorder treatment.

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