Study participants come from all walks of life.

No matter what their health or treatment history, each person has the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of benefits associated with the choice to participate in research studies and clinical trials.


To Exercise One’s Autonomy and Take an Active Role in Society

As a study participant, you get a unique chance to stand up and take action. When you work with Synergy Research Centers, you have the power to take the profound challenge of illness and turn it into something that could be positive for others.

To Contribute Towards the Advancement of Science

Each participant offers unique contributions to the development of medical science that will, in time, make a significant impact on healthcare in San Diego and beyond. When all is said and done, it is simply impossible to develop effective new treatments without participants’ help.

To Take an Active Role in One’s Own Healthcare

No matter what health condition you face, being informed helps you navigate your options. As a study participant, you will learn even more about your condition than you knew before. You may have the opportunity to take on new and novel approaches to maintaining optimal health.

To Help Combat Feelings of Helplessness

When one is suffering from a chronic illness, it’s natural to ask: “Why me?” At a difficult time in life, it’s crucial to assert your agency and independence. With medical research studies, you are taking an important step forward, something you and only you can choose to do.

To Improve One’s Own Condition, Well-Being or Quality of Life

It is not an exaggeration to say that a paid study can make a major difference in your well-being. Over the course of a study, you may be able to access new treatments that are many years from being available to the general public. They may produce better results than other options do.

To Have Extra Side Income

Paid research studies cannot replace a full-time work income, but they offer you one further tool to help you strive for financial strength. Your income as a research participant can grow based on the length of studies and the activities you may be asked to participate in for research purposes.

At Synergy Research Centers, we partner with patients from San Diego and beyond to produce groundbreaking research that truly makes a difference. Our study participants are our most vital allies in the ongoing battle against chronic pain, ADHD, diabetes and many other illnesses.

We maintain a portfolio of many ongoing studies at any given time. You can enroll now to get started with one that’s right for you. Contact us with any questions.